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The Street Art Manual: A Guide To Hacking The City by Bill Posters, 2020
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Artivist Bill Posters is an award-winning artist, author and agitator and co-founder of Brandalism. Over the last decade, he has worked alongside artists and activists to create some of the world’s largest unlawful street art projects. Who can forget his project ‘Spectre’ from 2019, which included a deep fake video of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, received huge global media acclaim!

Now Bill Posters has brought us all his city hacking expertise into one book!

The Street Art Manual covers graffiti, stencilling, subvertising, large scale murals, wheat pasting, urban projections, aerial art, yarn bombing, guerrilla theatre, banner drops and projectiles coupled with straight forward advice about what you need and how to do it.

Each technique is illustrated with step-by-step drawings by graphic artist, designer, and social justice campaigner Matt Bonner. Matt works with campaigning groups and grassroots activists to use subversive art as a tool for progressive social change. In 2018 Matt designed the world-famous ‘Trump Baby’ blimp.

Top all that with a diverse range of works by artists and collectives from across five continents.

The Street Art Manual brings together tried and tested methods to reveal how to hack urban space, access and infiltrate different parts of the city safely, and get away without getting busted.

The Street Art Manual explores how artists and activists from both the past and present have used art and creative processes to overcome everyday struggles and fight for climate and racial justice, refugee solidarity, democracy, LGBTQI+ rights, and for an end to racism, corporate power, corruption, species extinction and hate.

The book includes guidance and advice concerning white privilege; breaking laws safely; keeping yourself and your friends safe when dealing with police; what do do if you get busted or arrested, documenting your work and how to stay anonymous online when sharing your images, plans and more.

The Street Art Manual: A Guide To Hacking The City is available HERE in English, Spanish, German, French and Czech language editions and is published by Laurence King Publishing.

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Extracted from The Street Art Manual by Bill Posters, illustrated by Matt Bonner. Released 3rd September,

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