Art Inconsequence


Getting tired of plain trainbombing?
From the German avant-garde bombing scene comes this book and a Dvd with six essays about the graffiti writing of today. No pieces, rather throw-ups or big, abstract colorfields mostly done on trains. The film is one hour and a fascinating insight into the minds of the advanced bomber. Art Inconsequence: video-documentary (Dvd) and six essays on contemporary graffiti. This footage takes us to scenes where beauty and absurdity merge, beyond the laws of our society as well as those of our expectations. Exclusive, unseen material from a widely unknown avant-garde, never getting tired of jumping the fences toward the playgrounds of relevance. We become witnesses of how certain thought-crimes of some acting individuals manifest into shapes and colours, become signs and wonder.




Auteur: Publikat, Robert Kaltenhauser

Gepubliceerd: 2007

Eerste druk/ First printing

Afmetingen: 21 x 21 x 1,5 cm. Landscape

Pagina’s: 144

Book contains an DVD