Okuda San Miguel Welcome to Nowhere


Welcome to Nowhere, 2012

Soft cover artist book.
5.91″ x 6.30″.
144 pages.
Color Offset.

Libro a todo color.
Portada rústica.
15 x 16 cms.
144 páginas.

1980. Spain. Lives and works in Madrid.
Painter. Okuda studied Fine Arts in Complutense University in Madrid. His work is defined by surrealistic compositions that combine volumetric and organic parts with flat geometric shapes and colorful patterns. Simbolism, anti-capitalism, self-destruction, loneliness and false happiness are constant subjects in his work. Okuda proposes an unreal world created from photos and illustrations. In some ways is an exercise that turns reality into a personal and surreal world. Hes made illustration and graphic design works for Phillips, Sol Musica, Sen2 Collection, Wild Style Technicians and La Mala Rodriguez. He’s made several murals for companies such as Telefónica, Nike, PlayStation, Atari, Young & Rubicam, FOX, MTV and Vueling. He has painted in international street art events and his work has been shown in Europe and America.