Happy Graffiti : Street Art with Heart


Hardback English
Author: Jenny Foulds

Featured in Esquire Magazine and Time Out! Graffiti gets a bad name, but it’s not just doom and gloom in a spray can – it can be used to make people feel good. Curated by street-art blogger Jenny Foulds, Happy Graffiti is funny, poignant, sometimes a little bit rude, and guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Happy Graffiti contains 120 photographs of pictures, words and phrases that have been sprayed, written or etched on wood, concrete, brick, toilet walls, stickers, pavements and other surfaces in public spaces. It includes features on leading artists including Ben Eine, Morley, Bortusk Leer, Mobstr, Binty Bint and Pure Evil. Happy graffiti and positive street art can change our moods, put a smile on our chops and enhance a sense of community…and what could be better than that! Contents Includes…Foreword by Laura Dockrill Featured Artists: Ben Eine Bortusk Leer Mobstr Binty Bint Pure Evil Malarky Kid Acne Paul Don Smith …And Many More!

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