Alexone Dizac, one of the best-known French street artists, in this book shows the pleasure of painting through a vast collection of archival and site-specific works which describe his work and his path.

Catalog of the homonymous exhibition inaugurated at the Galerie Poirel in Nancy, À coeur ouvert opens the doors to Alexone’s universe and to his heart. Large canvases, installations, drawings, and the most disparate interventions animate this publication, and the exhibition, as a hymn to life and art and an escape from reality. Alexone is capable, through the changing colors that characterize the artist’s palette, of giving life to thousands of creatures staring at us, apparently innocent and funny but from a certain point of view secretly perverse.

Divided into five sections that recall five different moods, À coeur Ouvert is a great work that takes the reader on a journey through a fantastic story populated by penguins, marvellous characters and thousands of other creatures that are just waiting to be discovered.

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