Odem – On The Run (German Edition)




is the authentic report of the graffiti sprayer. ODEM – a book that is as captivating as it is shocking, which makes the adolescents’ enthusiasm for graffiti understandable and at the same time illuminates the dark sides of a scene in which fun and action are just as natural as violence and crime, alcohol and drugs.

‘The graffiti and hip-hop scene in general is a culture of contradictions, the creative voice of the marginalized as well as the criminal underground and the aggressive male world. Excessive drug use and the desire for rioting have shaped them as well as the often self-evident multiethnic composition of their crews. All of this and astonishingly many more nuances are documented by this first authentic biography, alienated neither literarily nor pop journalistically, of a 23-year-old who for six years not only played a decisive role in shaping the Berlin hip-hop scene. ‘
Journal of Youth Cultures

Some readers’ opinions:

‘The book expresses what is the order of the day for many young people. Politicians in our country should read it seriously, maybe then they will understand the youth culture in Germany. The book is one of the BEST !!! ‘ (Tobias)

‘Writer’s Bible! This book is the absolute burner! Definitely a must for every writer! ‘ (merlin83)

‘This book is just awesome.’ (Watchman)

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