ICEPICK Quality Icelandic StreetArt


Autor & Photo Thordis Claessen
Edició il·lustrada
220 pàgines
Iceland’s location between mainland Europe and America has created a mixed culture for street art, producing a
unique flavour where street artists invent new and interesting forms of borderline art. ICEPICK is a 220-page graphic creation, showing Icelandic graffiti and street art in various forms: Full colur pieces, stickers, stencils and political statements.

ICEPICK is a book based on icelandic Street Art with graphic collages and illustrations made by graphic designer Thordis Claessen. The book Icepick has been five years in the making, is now published by Gingkopress, as well as recently
displayed at an Urbis Gallery exhibition in Manchester, UK (ongoing May to Aug, 2007 ).

The street art featured in ICEPICK covers a wide range of themes and subject matter from traditional Icelandic icons to sheep, Vikings, fantastic gothic creations and colorful graffiti pieces that evoke a type of New York street art scene.

Most artists featured in Icepick are Icelandic, thouth there is also work from three guest artists: “Mike The Flower Guy” (USA) and
Akaysim + Adams (SWE).

Look out for ICEPICK, June 2007.

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