Banksy Book


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Who owns the art? Street art and its most famous protagonist Banksy are at the center of this question like hardly any other art form. On the one hand a criminal act (damage to property), on the other hand traded at top prices at auctions, street art divides opinions: Is it art or does it have to go?

For more than twenty years, Banksy’s iconic figures – rats, monkeys, girls with balloons, and kissing cops – have appeared on building walls and firewalls in Britain and other places around the world. But who – or what – is behind the Banksy name? In this large overview work, author Alessandra Mattanza goes in search of clues and discovers a lot of interesting and interesting facts about the artist and his political and social commitment, but much more about his art, because: Banksy is a message.

Note: Text in German! 

Measures: 23 x 30 cm