Dijous, 26 maig 2022
17:00 a h
Paula Plim
26 maig - 4 juny 2022
Paula Plim

Paula “PLIM” (Porto Alegre, 1983) is a Brazilian artist and illustrator; she is known for portraying a rich universe of colored creatures and vibrant vegetation in her artworks. PLIM is currently a member of art studio “Paxart” (based in Porto Alegre, Brazil), where she works with a group of artists who are dedicated to the development of projects related to Urban Art. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts from UFRGS (2010); also, she studied Visual Communication (UniRitter, 2014) and Social Communication (PUCRS, 2014) with a minor in Publicity & Advertising.

PLIM started doing urban art interventions in 2002; her influences range from highly elaborated ethnic and folk art from all over the world, to the organic shapes found in microorganisms, laboratory exams and thermic maps.  Her most recent art was inspired by the Polish Wycinankis paper crafts; by the embroideries and alebrijes from Mexico; by the Mola art in the traditional outfits of the Kuna Indians; by Fraktur art and African Tribal Patterns.

Her artwork can be found on the streets of Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy, England, Cabo Verde, Chile, Poland, Argentina and Uruguay. PLIM took part in many International Urban Art events such as “Loures Arte Pública” (Loures, Portugal), Festival Concreto (Fortaleza, Brazil), Meeting of Styles (Brazil, Mexico, Poland and Hungary), “Street of Styles” (Curitiba, Brazil), North Fest (Huasco, Chile) “MUTA Montevideo” and “Wang Festival” (both hosted in Uruguay). In 2018, she spent 2 weeks in Cabo Verde, for the artistic residency Projeto Xalabas, where she ministred a workshop and painted local small business of the neighborhood.  Her artworks were also published in the books “Graffiti Brasil” (Thames & Hudson, 2006) and “12 Caras em 4 Partes” (Caderno Listrado, 2010).