Divendres, 20 octubre 2023
18:00 a 21:00 h
Expo PraviZIAN
20 octubre - 15 novembre 2023

Benjamin Čengić was born on 24.4.1993. in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Growing up surrounded with all the ruins and buildings destroyed by war, he developed a way of beautifying his environment through graffiti which later led to him becoming a street artist and muralist.

He graduated the Academy of Performing Arts on the Department for Production and Management. He worked in the film industry In 2016. He registered an Organization Obojena Klapa which deals with street art, contemporary arts and film. At the moment he is running the FASADA Festival, a street art festival founded in 2021. Is a director at Contemporary Arts Gallery Manifesto, and produces films at the same time.