After years of experience have perfected the technical of the spray and the guns aerografic creating since basic solutions to do staff until murals gigantic for buildings, decorations of spaces, scenographies… The workshop of graffiti gives to the young a solid base to distinguish between littering the walls or decorate grey spaces with streetArt.

These sleep our different modalitats of workshops of StreetArt
-Initiation to the grafftiti (Group minimum of 5 people)
-Advanced for initiated (in group or individual)
-Groups of company
-Sample and exhibition (parties, presentations, fairs…no limit of assistants)
-Stencils (Group minimum of 5 people)

Workshop of Initiation

Educational workshops for youngsters.
Groups of 10 to 14 young (schools, cultural centres…).
2 ours monitors
Lasted of a morning or of an afternoon (of 4 to 5h, with a rest of 20min.).
Age: From 12 years.
Difficulty: Half.

Workshop Tempo

The workshop divides in two parts:

It begins with a theoretical part that goes accompanied of a video to enter the youngsters in the world of the Graffiti. It teachs them history and vocabulary grafter, gives them bibliography and a listing of websites where can find everything type of images and of information related with the graffiti.

To continuation happens to the practical part to familiarise them with the tools of work. We teach them to use the different types of sprays, explaining-the- the similarities and differences between these materials. One of the exercises that will do will be to create staff of acetate, with which the youngsters will use them to paint t-shirt (ask that the youngsters bring 1 t-shirt white for can paint it) and panels or wall (that will have the centre).

Once taught the way to control the colours and the proportions, will begin to think and after that project the idea in a wall (yielded by the Centre; bleached previously) where all the participants will be able to paint with sprays, splitting of a subject argued between all the participants and the monitors.

Theoretical part
•Introduction to the Graffiti
Of the principles in New York until the last currents avantguardistes European.
•Explanation of the material (sprays, guns aerogràfic).
Process and different technical of work as the support.
•Biography and interesting webs.

Practical part
•Creation of mobs (staff of acetate).
•Stamping of mobs on supports  (t-shirts, cardboard, volumes).
•Practical of the technical of the Graffiti with sprays.
•Realisation of a mural conjoint on a wall of the centre.

Material that it is necessary (per person):
white T-shirt (to paint it)

The Centre has to have of:

•Sala dark for can project a video.
•Big room with tables and with ventilation.
•A wall where will paint the graffiti (bleached with plastic painting previously)
(if it does not have of any wall can realise on a sheet.)

The participants of the workshop have to have a lot interest for the plastic arts, the drawing and the graffiti