Sketch Exhibition by Werens 
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Miquel Sabaté (Sant Pere de Riudebitlles)

29 January to 28 February
The degradation of the social, ethical and moral conceptions materialists make life in the world, an evil game and aimless.
Despite the desire for understanding and critical thinking to me very difficult to get rid of my political and ideological obstacles that hide or distort the reality in which I live / live.
That is why the act of tearing, chop, discard, rearrange, put conflict still experimenting … with their own work and creative process there is an attempt to be accepted to become

front MIquelW



Coco Blanch

5 March 31
opening on March 5 with the Jules Riten

“A blank stare
unattainable figures
And feelings that go beyond reality.

Turn your eyes at me human
For among sinister forms, dark
Femininity found perfection.

Among the swagger smoke
Cigar with subtle brushstrokes
You showed sublime woman.

An art that escapes convention,
An art that is light in

Muses night without limits
Desire, imperfect mostrandose
To perfection.

freedom imprisoned
Dreams in the shade
The strange trial
Pieces of feelings flow on a canvas.

In dark Pensares I created art,
unthinkable madness
light strokes
And extravagant perfection.

fiery colors
dreamed naked
A blank stare …
And I created art.

By Yuls. ”





From 2 to 28 April
Ganya ART CINEMA presents this collection of drawings is not intended nothing but pay homage to the seventh art. Providing the general public and of course movie lovers a relationship movie in my particular vision have left their mark on our memory. Moments that cinema has given us and that we as viewers have been able to capture.
The strong contrast of black and white is what prevails in this collection drawings in graphite pencil on wood. Her striking dark eyes who try to captivate seduced by its essence.



April 30 to May 28 at Expo PIVE
Graffiti writer from Barcelona’s 95

pibe  expo pibe  expo Pive3


Padure Exhibition

May 28 to June 13

Maig15 ||



Musa Expo “Sketches”
July and August


Exhibition Peter Almiron
from 3 to 5 September 2015




Limbo  & Hono Expo
Exhibition September 10 to October 3







Opening Thursday from 18 to 19 22’30h
Exhibition from November 19 to December 15
Artistic interventions on skates.




Thursday, December 17 and DJ Expo Opening Angelow


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