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Exposició Petados Crew del 3 al 26 d’octubre 2013

PETADOS CREW nation in 1997 Ruby (Barcelona) as a group of graffiti graffiti apasionados fear.
Currently consists fear Kets, Axia and Urih (Ruby) Ma’La (Mataro) and Baie Cayn (Barcelona) and Resmi (Belgium).
We count with the esponsorización of NBC Pro.

“Pintamos luego existimos”

Urih – http://www.urih-art.com
Ma’La – http://www.mateolara.com
Baie – http://www.albertcastro.com
Cayn – http://www.caynsanchez.com
Resm – http://www.resmone.com


Patrice Blanquart “Ombres pròpies ” Exhibition from 6 to 28 September 2013


Everyone deserves its shadow.
Characters that have stopped contain himself … The shadows that inhabit emanating from its profunditat.Crits cholera, vomiting rage, pain escupitajo …
_Van Stop hiding the shadows that habiten_
I arrived by chance in 1985 in Barcelona with a backpack and a pencil.
I liked, I was.
I started drawing tourists and passers-by on the Ramblas, I continued drawing, painting, exposing …
My country is green below and gray above, there is gray and blue top to bottom, I turned the color palette.
I started painting with black end without living up to the “dark paintings” actuals.Busco the dark shadows that inhabit our gut, portraying absent or sore eyes, expressions twisted, “ugly beauty”.

Sacke13 Future Classics Round Oners
presenta: Black & White…(Graaf, tags & ThrowUps)

Trasladamos the writing of the street to the gallery conservando your espontaneidad, Trazo y su forms. Haciendo tribute to the Vertiente HipHop and one of its most expressive Parts as graffiti.

Exhibition de’11 July to 31 August


MIQUES  de Rosa Arrazola 

Exhibition from 20 June to 9 July
Arrazola’s work Rosa (Barcelona, 1969) is expressed in a skilful and original fusion of poetic language and the pictorial language. It invites the reader / viewer summergir itself in a rich world of images, sounds and meanings plastic impregnated with symbolism that their research suggests that living passionate about. This interrogates demand, now with ingenuity, now full of experience, emotions, passions eternal, inseparable from the inexorable passage of time and the desire to capture what is eternal.
Thus, his painting and the word becomes a living reflection of this life and artistic adventure, in which the stroke, color and word gets poetic move us and feel the breath of fleeting beauty.
Clara Soley


RETALLS Ctrl+C Ctrl+V Ctrl+Foto  

Picture Collage Exhibition
Helena Torrent (May 30 to June 18)

Scraps is a plastic work, a work of collage physical collage with life. Because life is this, where a road cut and paste elements, people, places, records..tot to get what they want to express.
Helena Torrent (Barcelona, 1981)
Usually my photographic work is focused more on the music scene since I live surrounded by music from a very small, but for a time I experience a more natural picture without digital retouching important. Straddling the end of the project La Mirada Pocket Art Association and the beginning of the Cultural Collective shuttle Sabadell, I tried to find time to work on the issue of photographic collage live. Hope you enjoy it!


ENCAJE URBANO de Constanza Jarpa Santiago de Chile (1982)

Frames, recesses and lace up the personality of the work, introducing us to the issue of prostitution, street violence and situations that make this series a finding that transcends the literal, being an intuitive experience of order, which decrypts textures and shapes from trying abstraction as feeling beyond technique. “Lace Urban weaves a network of personal and anonymous stories, the city is the setting for this invisible and silent plot, but draws us all,” says Constanza Jarpa.
Then I suggest, in recognition of some sensitivity within the universe that observes the artist; where colors like red and black, propinan in representing a particular value when deciphering the reading tour that throws Urban Lace. We could say that we are facing a work that questions common and sensitive geographies agreed between art and life.

Text / Pia Sommer



Christian Lake (Berlin)

Exhibition from 11 to 27 April
Presentation of his latest book“MuralArtfromBerlin part2″



ECLEPSIS Efrén Montoya Exhibition from 14 March to 9 April

Efren Montoya was born in Sabadell (Barcelona) in 1973.
At 16 begins in the world of amateur photography using a self-taught passion for photography instilled by his father, focusing on the world of entertainment, especially in direct musical groups and arts.
The passion for photography and mixed performance results in the specialization of this photographer to capture any event in which light, music and culture have a role, achieving a personal style.



AMB MOVIMENT de Joaquim Riba & Isabel Bonet

28 February to 12 March 2013
Design, art …. expression of two artists on a mobile support, clothing.
The spontaneous style Joaquim minimalist designs and Isabel make art out on the street.



de Shey Photography31 January to 26 February 2013

We find this approach shows the faces and places that make up living on the streets and everyday reality. Walking around forgotten technique of photography to capture moments, gestures and ultimately the essence of the moment and the people through a collection that escapes formalities and born of spontaneity. “Así photo is: no sabe lo que decir a ver da.” (Roland Barthes)
Text: Olga Codina

http://www.behance.net/sheey    www.flickr.com/sheey