December 2019 & January  2020

The crackdown that is suffering the Catalan people does not have precedents at a Europe of the S. XXI that says democratic. The case of Catalonia is, at day of today and without any type of doubt, Europa’s shame. But, the fèrriawill and the persistence of this peaceful persons to defend his culture and his law to the self-determination without resorting to the violence is being also extraordinary and exemplary.

The constant greuges that gets the Catalan people for part of the Spanish governance are constant and flagrant. A nice part of his rulers have been imprisoned or suffer exile and the censorship has reached dire points and as hilarants how is it the ban of the in colour yellow symbols.

And it is at this political and social context of the Catalan people, that Werens develops his more work reivindicativa of the last times. This that exposes today, “yellow Flowers” is a collection devoted at his persons, that exits at the street a day behind the other at battling for his dignity with an only weapon: the yellow bows.