Exhibition: from 5 to 28 March 2020
Since his notebooks of outlines until his murals of big format, Xavi Valiente shows like a plastic artist polifacètic, adapting his work at several supports and technicians. A repàs fast for his work lets to glimpse the variety of motifs on which pint and draws, finding collections that fluctuate since the figuració, with themed daily urban, until the abstraction, the automatism and the experimentation with the colour. The present exposure is a more sample of how retroalimenta his work, this time from the resignificació of the “LEADERS” of spray that utilises to paint murals. His attraction for the colour and the spontaneous compositions the door at commencing at collecting and portray these pieces; of indirect way, gives a new meaning at the “CAPE”, elevating it of the category of tool at the category of work. The general vision of the sample makes evident the process of this collection, that commenced showing illustrations more technical and linear, and that later evolves to the search of the colour, the light and the atmospheric perspective. The process culminates with the jump of the collection at the big format, through a canvas at which excels much more the colour that the line.
Laura García